Current Show

The summer may be slow to get started this year but there is plenty of colour inside the gallery in our current show.

We have work from Victoria Horkan, Bill Bate, Jo Quigley, Parastoo Ganjei, Relton Marine, Henrietta Stuart, Paul Bennett, Nicky Chubb, Rachel Tighe, Scott Naismith, Janet Nelson, Nick Vivian, Emma Davis, Felicity Keefe, Zed Talijan and Ian Turnock. We are also delighted to introduce some new artists to the gallery - Sarah Stafford and Nadia Day.

We will be receiving more work regularly for this rolling show so please do pop in and have a browse ....


Pam Carter Solo Show Spring 2017

Meet Pam at the Private View evening on Wednesday 26th April from 7.30pm

Christmas Print Sale

The 12 Prints of Christmas Sale

We are having a pre Christmas Print Sale - 12 framed prints ready to hang before Christmas from various artists including Jayson Lilley, Marie Louise Wrightson, Katy Jade Dobson, Harry Bunce, Lars Tunebo and Mr Go.

There are only 12 pieces available at a special price and when they are gone they are gone so don't delay ...

Contact us to reserve a print.

Winter Blues Show

Our Winter Blues show features three artists - Melissa Kreisa, Alison Orchard and Zed Talijan.

Meet the Artists at the gallery on Wednesday 9th November from 7.30pm.

Melissa Kreisa
After having a family and settling in the San Francisco Bay area of California she returned to her fine art roots and began experimenting again with paint on canvas. She became increasingly fascinated with the powerful ability of colour and texture to evoke emotion, tell a story, and to heal. She worked as a refugee advocate providing hospitality and support to newly arrived refugees in California. She found painting a critical tool to remain balanced, stay energized and find joy in this space.

Alison Orchard
Alison is excited by the very stuff of paint. She enjoys pushing the limits of the paint with responsive mark making, hoping to convey something of the energy that resonates between land and sea, light and air. “My aim is to create that ‘dynamic’ which is found when there is a fine balance between emerging abstraction, whilst maintaining subtle visual references to the seascape.” Alison works responsively with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas or board, allowing the image to evolve through palette knife, brushstrokes and the added dimension of pencil and collage.

Zed Talijan
“In my work, I like to look for the point where abstracts and realities meet. In that undefined space is created a visual freedom that plays between different interpretations. That stillness is very often awakened with the movement of smoke, cloud and steam, which is a recognized motif in my work.”

Make an enquiry about any of the work in this show.

Ann Lindgren Solo Show

We're delighted to introduce a new collection by contemporary artist Ann Lindgren.

Ann’s inspiration for the various expressions in her paintings comes from life’s great and small facets. Travelling extensively all over the world for years has inspired her with cultural diversity and has deeply influenced her soul. She prefers to bring a wide range of emotions and curiosity rather than feel like she is trying to manipulate the audience. “I am fond of that the observer could make their own opinions, thoughts and associations through engaging with my art work.” Ann’s art work is colourful, evocative and makes a big statement!

Meet Ann at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 6th October from 7pm 'til late.

Make an enquiry about Ann Lindgren

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Looking ahead to the summer we will be showing new work from many artists. Confirmed so far are:

Katy Jade Dobson, Jo Quigley, Paul Bennett, Relton Marine, Richard Knight and we're delighted to introduce Scott Naismith, Jane Wachman and Sarah Graham.

Lots more to follow ...

London Life May 2016

London Life May 2016

Show opens on Friday 6th May

Meet Richard Knight and Jo Quigley at the gallery on Friday 6th May from 7.30 to 9.30pm

Our featured artists are still busy painting for this show so we will post images as they come off the easels!

Pam Carter Solo Show Spring 2016

Solo Show from 8th March to 30th April 2016
Private View evening Friday 18th March from 7.30pm

Spring 2016

After a very busy 2015, The Art Agency is planning another exciting calendar for 2016. Having outgrown our original space we moved to bigger premises at 118-120 High Street, Esher last summer. As we now enjoy more than three times the wall space over two floors we can show an ever increasing portfolio of contemporary artists.

We are delighted to announce that we will be showing new artists Rachel Tighe, Nick Vivian and Nicki Gwynn-Jones this spring and will have new collections from Alison Orchard, Annie Rouse, Nick Andrew, Bill Bate, Emma Forrester, Liz Hauck and Richard Knight confirmed so far.

We are also proud to be hosting another solo show for internationally renowned Scottish artist Pam Carter in March/April - dates to be confirmed.

We will post images as they come off the artists' easels!...

Winter 2015

We'll be introducing several more new artists in this show - Leanne Christie, Katy Jade Dobson, Parastoo Ganjei, Lisa House, Rosanne Barr and Jo Quigley and showing new work from some of our best sellers - Karen Birchwood, Emma Forrester, Alison Orchard, Dean Fox, Vicky Oldfield, Janet Nelson and Zed Talijan.

We've been so busy since we moved to 118 - 120 High Street, Esher that we are now open Mondays too.

Why don't you do some Christmas shopping with us and spread the cost via our interest free payment scheme - Own Art?

Autumn 2015

Now that we have three times as much wall space in our new gallery at 118-120 High Street, Esher we can show three times as much artwork ....

There are two floors to browse and this is just a taste of what you will find this Autumn.

Diary date - we will be holding our 4th Birthday Party at the gallery on Friday 2nd October from 7.30pm.

Summer 2015

We're excited to introduce the renowned Scottish landscape artist Pam Carter for a solo show in June and then a host of new artists through July and August.

Pam Carter Solo Show

27th May to 4th July

Private View Thursday 4th June - 7 to 9pm

We're very excited to announce a brand new collection of work by award winning artist Pam Carter will be on show throughout June 2015.

The Art Agency, 118 – 120 High Street, Esher, Surrey KT10 9QJ, Tel 01372 466740
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